The Google interview is extremely learnable, and you don't even need a computer science degree to learn how to win! The job market for computer based jobs is constantly expanding, so this is a great time to get your foot in the door. Aim high with STI Senior High! Get the kit. You can be on the front line of IT as the help desk or technical support specialist. When you get up and check your phone, try leaving it plugged in, and/or standing right over the outlet. If you stopped at 6 then youre not trying very hard to get a job. ... Computer Programming looks like it will remain the premier IT job space. From games developer to manager of IT and communications services, computer science graduates have a range of opportunities open to them. You don't need a degree in computer science to enjoy a career in IT. I'll show you how. How to Get a Job in Computers. I'm attending college to get a Computer Science degree and ... Is getting a CS degree supposed to be really hard? Job Interview Question Database: Questions with Excellent Sample Responses. So is computer science a hard major? Is computer science competative/hard? Job options In the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, we prepare students for the most innovative, challenging and promising careers of the 21st Century. Welcome Computer Science researchers, ... Job, internships, etc.. ... How Hard is Computer Science (self.compsci) Be college-ready, job-ready, and life-ready with STI Senior High! Computer Science involves the study of all aspects of computers: their technology, algorithms and programming, underlying theory, and their application. Offers options towards undergrad or graduate degrees in Computer Science or in combination with another area. We have a new Teacher Kit You can download the zip full of powerpoints here. Advice on how to get a job as a computer programmer, including education, experience and job requirements, where to find job listings and interview tips. Especially consider it if you want to enter computer science ... only around half of computer science PhDs get ... quite hard to make this transition. Rebooting Jobs: How Computer Science Skills Spread in the Job Market | Burning Glass Technologies report on demand for computer science skills outside tech. Learn More There's a whole field of career advice that's based on the idea that you need to show "gumption" to get a job: "Walk into their office with your resume and I have to say that I really don't like my job.